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Choosing A Kansas City Realtor

Hire a well-qualified Realtor to assist with your home purchase or sale


Be sure your Realtor stays on top of the local market stats and real estate trends... We keep a close eye on our local market stats so we can keep our clients on top of the latest market trends. Staying a step ahead of the competition is often the difference between for sale and sold.


Be sure your Realtor is a full-time professional... The majority of real estate agents are not full time professional. You're making one of the largest purchases you'll ever make and you don't want an agent assisting with your purchase or sale who doesn't have the time to properly assist with your home sale or purchase.


Be sure your Realtor is chosen on their expertise... Many home buyers and sellers choose their Realtor who's a friend or family member. While hiring an agent you're familiar with could make sense, hiring an agent solely based on that would be putting someone other than yourself first -- and that's a risky way to handle such an expensive investment.


Be sure your Realtor has the tools to assist you... Being with the #1 real estate company in the U.S. and top producing real estate office in the KC area, we have the tools to help make your home purchase or sale a success.


Be sure you hire a listing agent who has systems in place to achieve success... A solid listing agent can easily save a home seller double or more the cost of a commission and proper listing marketing can net a home seller exponentially more with their home sale. A solid buyer's agent can navigate multiple tasks to get buyers quickly in to see homes and get offers presented in a timely fashion.


Be sure you have a buyer's agent representing your best interests when buying a home... A buyer's agent commission is already factored into the price you see on all listed homes. Alisting agent is representing the seller's best interests, so there's every reason to have a buyer's agent representing your best interests -- and buyersdon't have to pay the commission for that representation.


Be sure to choose an agent who uses the latest technology... Many agents are using outdated methods and there's no need to be at disadvantage with the competition. Work with an agent who has all the latest tools for finding homes, viewing homes, selling homes, making offers, receiving offers and management the real estate process.