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Coverage For HVAC Systems, Plumbing, Electrical And Appliances


A Home Warranty is different than homeowner's insurance and understanding the difference is very important. Homeowner's insurance would cover your home should it be burglarized or if a natural disaster should hit your area. However if a mechanical system or appliance were to simply fail on a home, homeowner's insurance wouldn't cover such an occurrance. This is where a home warranty can prove very beneficial. 


Think of a home warranty as a wear-and-tear insurance that would cover break-downs of mechanical systems, appliances, plumbing issues, electrical issues, etc. A good example is should your hot water heater fail and destroy your finished lower level, your homeowner's insurance should pay to fix the damage to the finished lower level WHILE a home warranty would cover replacing the actual water heater that failed. It's easy to see that buying a home warranty could really help control the costs of homeownership should unexpected repairs occur after closing on a home.


In many cases, Kansas City home sellers are willing to buy a home warranty for the home buyer, so talk with your real estate agent about the possibility of asking for a home warranty when making an offer to purchase a home. Should a home seller be willing to do so, they're essentially accepting less for the home so just be sure to consider this in your offer and/or during resulting negotiations. A home warranty can be a great tool to help pull a real estate transaction together and sellers can even consider offering a home warranty up front to buyers. In many cases, a home warranty would provide sellers some coverage while the home is LISTED, even before it goes under contract. There are a lot of home warranty companies in Kansas City and you'll want to get a referral to a reputable home warranty company.